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Loud Warrenty

Finger Ease

Guitar String Lubricant
New formula is now ozone friendly, has improved performance & a pleasant
short lived lemony fragrance.

Model: 2074

Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner

Cleans totally and quickly. restores any finish to its original luster. Leaves a micro-thin, resistant protective layer and won't build up. Perfect for daily use. 4 oz. pump spray.

Model Number: 654
Sale: $7.21

Gerlitz GGH Guitar Honey Fingerboard Treatment

A unique blend of conditioning oils for rosewood, ebony, & other exotic woods. It will cleanse and enhance your fingerboard's natural character, giving it a smooth silky feel and lustrous glowing sheen, while protecting against moisture, sweat, alcohol & grime in general. The results obtainable with Guitar Honey are superior to any other fingerboard oil or treatment available. Enjoy!

Model Number: GGH
Sale: $6.95

The Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit

Contains 1 each of every Dunlop guitar care product: Formula 65 Polish, Bodygloss 65 Cream of Carnauba Wax, Ultraglide 65 String Saver, Fingerboard 01 Cleaner/Prep, Fingerboard 02 Conditioner, and 2 cotton polish cloths.

NOTE: Fingerboard 01 Cleaner/Prep and Fingerboard 02 Conditioner are not for use with maple fingerboards.

Model Number: 6500
Sale: $41.61

Farley's Journeyman Guitar Tool

Patented carbide steel cutting blade - the strongest blade made, capable of industrial level work! Tailor-made grip for ease of use. Pro quality hardened steel hex wrenches: 1.5mm; 2.5mm; 3mm and .050 hex. Phillips head screwdriver. Flat head screwdriver. End pin puller that tucks inconspicuously into the handles. Nylon web carrying bag.

Model Number: 20001
Sale: $25.99

GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer

For pro guitar players at the gig, hobby guitarists at home, or beginners just starting their first guitar lesson, the GIGmate is the industry standard guitar tool kit. Don't settle for sub-standard copies. Includes all the tools needed to set up and maintain acoustic or electric guitars. Constructed from 600 dineer padded nylon, it's built to last and be able to suffer the "rigors of the road". Along with all the quality tools, your GIGmate comes with a six pocket guitar string organizer so you'll never have to hunt for those spare guitar strings again. You also get a Pick PocketTM for picks, business cards, and other guitar stuff and a Trem PokerTM.

Model Number: GIGMATE
Sale: $39.95



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