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6-Channel Power Mixing Console

Compact tabletop mixer w/ built-in amplifier is ideal for live performances by bands, DJ’s, churches and schools. 200 watts (100w + 100w stereo). 6 channels, each with XLR & 1/4” inputs. High & low EQ each channel. 5-band master graphic EQ. 16 digital reverb/echo effects. 48V phantom power. Uses Speakon connectors: Speakon M to
1/4 F. Dimensions: 14” x 13” x 4”. Weight: 25 lbs.

Model Number: PMC6200
Sale: $271.15


4-Channel Micro Mixer

Master Volume. Individual Volume. 600 Ohms. Requires 9-volt battery. S/N Ratio: 55db.

Model Number: RMM290
Sale: $47.60

8-Channel Micro Mixer

(2) 1.8m (5 ft.) shielded cables (1⁄4” - 1⁄4”). Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz. Signal Noise: 55dB - LED indication at onset of distortion. Power: 9-volt battery or 9-volt DC adapter/tip negative (neither are included).

Model Number: RMM800
Sale: $72.25


6-Channel Mixer

Tabletop mixer in a portable package! 6 Input Stereo Mixer. Low Noise Op-Amps. Low Impedance Circuit Design. 60mm Faders on each Channel and Mains. 3-Band EQ on
each Channel. Hard Disc Record Mode. Phantom Power. Headphone Out.

Model Number: MDR6
Sale: $144.49


4-Channel Mini Mixer

4 Mono 1/4” inputs with individual volume controls. 1/4” balanced TRS output with Master volume control, up to 25dB of gain, S/N ratio of 87dB and frequency response from 10Hz-100KHz. Power on/off switch with LED indicator, 9VDC powered with either 9V alkaline battery or optional PAD-1 AC/DC external adapter.

Model Number: MM141
Sale: $33.99

10-Channel Stereo Mic/Line Mixer

2 mono channels with Trim, Bass, Treble, Aux Send, and Pan controls, Low Cut, Pre/ Post, and PFL switches. 4 stereo channels: 2 with bass and treble controls and PFL
switches; 2 with Aux Send and Balance controls, Pre/Post, and PFL switches. Tape In RCA jacks with level control and PFL switch. Tape Record Out RCA jacks. Left and
Right Main unbalanced outputs with slider controls. 1⁄4” TRS Stereo Control Room and Headphone outputs.

Model Number: SRM10X
Sale: $110.46

14-Channel Stereo Mic/Line Mixer

6 mono input channels with balanced XLR Mic and 1⁄4” TRS line inputs. 8 stereo input channels with balanced 1⁄4” TRS jacks for balanced or unbalanced inputs. 6 balanced 1⁄4” TRS inserts allow independent connection of effects devices for each mono channel. Dimensions & weight: 13.5” x 13.5” x 3” (343 x 343 x 76 mm), 9.3 lbs (4.2 kg).

Model Number: SRM14X
Sale: $297.46

16-Channel Stereo Mic/Line Mixer

Full frequency response, wide dynamic range and ultra low noise assures natural, transparent sound with maximum headroom. 8 mono balanced (XLR and 1⁄4” TRS) and 8 balanced stereo (1⁄4” TRS) inputs (16 total). L-R Main Mix and G1-2 Group Submix buses, with L-R, and G1-2 functions selectable on all channels and separately assignable to master mixes with separate master faders. 2 Aux Sends and 2 stereo Aux Returns with Aux Send and Aux Return controls. 8 mono input channel inserts allow independent connection of effects devices for each mono channel. PFL, L-R, and G1-2 functions selectable on all channels and separately assignable to master mixes. Input Trim controls on all channel inputs. Balanced 1⁄4” TRS and XLR Stereo Outputs. 3-band EQ on all channels. Tape In and Record Out RCA jacks with Tape inputs assignable to Master Mix or Stereo Control Room/Headphone outputs. Switchable +48V phantom power on all mono inputs. High-quality sealed pots with center detents for all Pan/Balance and EQ controls. External AC supply.

Model Number: CMX16A
Sale: $356.01

6-Channel Stereo Powered Mixer

PMX Series. 6 mono input channels with balanced XLR mic and 1/4” TRS line inputs. Fan-cooled, bipolar amplifier - 2 x 225W RMS @ 4 ohms (1% THD) both channels driven. L-R Main mix & G1-2 Group submix buses with 4 master faders & Group to Main enable switch. Built-in 32-bit dsp emulates plate, gate, room, hall, stadium reverbs.

Model Number: PMX600
Sale: $424.99


6-Mic Mixer

3 Dual-Input mic preamplifiers accommodate 6 mics (3 front, 3 rear). 6 mic inputs w/ 3 volume controls. 3-band parametric mic EQ w/ seep-midrange control. Digital echo w/ delay and repeat control for vocal enhancement. Dual 7-band stereo equalizer. Dual-source A/V input connects to DVD, CDG or cassette players. Compact 1-space design. With EQ and Echo

Model Number: DA1055
Sale: $186.15



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