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We have a large selection of Instrument Straps so if you don't see what you like give us a call.
Guitar Straps

Fender 2" Poly Logo Strap

Made from black poly-webbing.
2 Inch straps feature the Fender logo embroidered in your choice of yellow, red, white, and Grey

Sale: $8.49

Fender 2" Monogrammed

2" wide leather backed cloth strap with Fender® logos and Strat® headstocks monogrammed along top, adjusts from 26" to 50", black/yellow/red color.

Sale: $14.44

Fender Impact Series™

The Impact Series is so unique, you’ll want every design. Available in 8 cool styles, these 3-dimensional rubber end straps are one-of-a kind. Each 2” poly webbing strap extends to 75" in length and has a custom rubber end
with suede backing and a color matched Fender logo label.

Sale: $14.44

Gibson 2" Woven Guitar Strap

This high-quality, 2"-wide woven guitar strap features a repeating Gibson USA logo over a striking silhouette of a Les Paul Standard guitar, delineated by a motif of six diagonal "strings."

Fully adjustable plastic buckles ensure the strap will not scratch your guitar. For comfort, this guitar strap has a supple leather-look vinyl backing.

Sale: $11.04

Gibson Regular Style 2" Nylon Strap

This strap will hold your axe safely and securely while flashing a Gibson logo.

Sale: $12.34

Gibson 2" Lightning Bolt

Made of sturdy nylon construction, heavy-duty buckle, and leather tips with Gibson logo make this a reliable and sharp-looking strap.

Sale: $13.69

LM Quality Straps
PS4 2” Silk-Screen Straps

Poly web material. Adjustable from 36” to 60”. High quality, one color silk screen graphics. Genuine cowhide leather ends. All straps are black unless otherwise specified.

Available in:
Music Notes (D), Zebra (FBW), Cross - White on Black (HBW), Lightning Bolt (I), Jesus Fish (JS), Tribal Art (TA), Toxic Waste (TW), Department of Corrections - Black on Orange (DOC), Police Line - Black on Yellow (PL), NYFD (FD), NYPD (PD), Fragile (FR), Bad Attitude (BA), Checkered (CK), Red Checkered (CKR),
Pink Checkered (CKP), Skull (SK2), Yin Yang (YY), Spider Web (ABR), Barbwire (BW), No Parking (+ NP),
Text (+ TX) and Go Green (+ GG).

Sale: $10.19

Banjo Straps

Lawren Woven Banjo Strap

An affordable, versatile banjo strap, featuring scratch-resistant snap hooks on black leather ends.

Model Number: LWBS
Sale: $10.53

LM Quality Straps
2" Banjo Strap

Poly web with leather end. Available in Black and Brown.

Sale: $8.07

Levy's Polypropylene Banjo Strap

2” soft-hand polypropylene banjo strap with metal clips and tri-glide adjustment. Adjustable to 60”. Black.

Model Number: M10-BLK
Sale: $15.99



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