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Loud Warrenty
Guitar Professor Tuner

Plus electronic pitch pipe & chord finder highly accurate. Easy to use.

Model Number: GP1
Sale: $16.96

Auto Guitar Tuner with Electronic Pitch Pipe

Internal speaker plays E, A, D, G, B & E tones. Off meter tells user which string they are trying to tune even if out of tune. Fast meter & 3 LEDs. Built-in mic. Batteries included.

Model Number: QT11
Sale: $16.96

Compact Chromatic Tuner

Compact Chromatic Tuner, ideal for brass band or orchestra. Wide range
of pitch detection covers C1-C8. High-precision LCD needle-type meter
for stable tuning. Sound Out produces a reference tone from the internal
speaker. Calibration Function supports a variety of concert pitches.
Auto Power Off function conserves battery life. Memory Backup function.
Approximately 100 hours of continuous use.

Model Number: CA-1
Sale: $27.20


Guitar & Bass Tuner

Ultra-compact design. High-precision LCD needle-type meter for
stable tuning. Quinta Flat Tuning mode lets you tune 1--5 semitones flat.
Supports 7-string guitar tunings. Sound Out can produce a reference tone
from the internal speaker. Auto Power Off function conserves battery life.
Approximately 100 hours of continuous use.

Model Number: GA-1
Sale: $18.70

 Digital Tuner/Metronome

Tuner/metronome functions work simultaneously or independently. Wide detection range C1-C8. 13 Rhythm variations. 2 Tempo adjustment modes, “full step” & “pendulum step.”
Sound out mode w/ built-in speaker and volume control.

Model Number: TM40
Sale: $34.42

Chromatic Pedal Tuner

Features a tough aluminum die cast body.Large easy to read LED meter. Red LED indicates the tuner’s on/off status, a large note name display, and a tuning guide that indicates whether your instrument is sharp or flat. The
pitch-black provides a tuning range of E0 (20.60 Hz) to C8 (4,186 Hz), and adjustable calibration between 436--445 Hz. 100% True Bypass output keeps your tone intact. Choose from four types of display modes: Full Strobe, Half Strobe, Meter & Mirror. 9 VDC output jack is provided for cascading the power supply to other pedals. Sleek, black and tough aluminum die cast body for superb durability.

Model Number: PITCHBLACK
Sale: $127.50

Plug-in Tuner

In tune at anytime and anywhere with a full-featured plug-in guitar & bass tuner. A guitar and bass tuner that plugs directly into your instrument jack. Flat tuning mode allows for tuning seven semitones below original pitch Tunes
7-string guitars and 6-string basses. Simple and portable design that you can attach to your keychain or fit in your pocket. LED flashlight for onstage illumination. Available in Black (BK ), White (WH), Red (RD ).

Model Number: PITCHJACK
Sale: $25.50


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